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Automate Your Business Process

 Alfabeta provides products and end-to-end solutions help to relieve your stress by automating your business process with our IoT and Computer Vision technology.

Striving Over New Technology

We also provide products and end-to-end solutions in various industries such as transportation, banking, property, and also government. We focus on our service to increase efficiency and performance of your business using latest technology.

Our team consists of Computer Vision and IoT experts

We are open to any consultancy regarding business automation, because we have the team who are ready for it. Please do not hesitate to reach us for any inquiry!

Our Products

Advision has advanced features that exploits computer vision technology; which includes people counting, vehicle counting, face detection, face recognition, gender recognition, age recognition and emotion recognition. Advision is here to boost your Advertising business, by providing the accurate and adequate impression data, and also to precisely target your customer to boost your sales.

Alfatrack features computer vision and IoT technology, such as tracking system for fleet management, object counting, and stock keeping automation. Alfatrack is for your fleet business to improve the service excellence, improve the time efficiency, and increase security for customers.


We Solve Problem

Initial Discovery

Our job is to provide the best solution in making applications

We Focus on Facts

Final Recomendation

Our reports include detailed issue descriptions to ensure the integrity of subsequent construction efforts

We Respect Detail

Research Synthesis

We build applications to meet the customer needs

Our Solutions

Alfabeta solutions includes several sectors such as traffic control, security and defense parameter, and logistic tracking system

We can help you to secure your assets using precise people counting and face recognition

Alfabeta offers applications of technology to detect and prevent immediately if there is an anomaly in the perimeter such as a fire situation or objects that should not be in an area. Our Smart Perimeter Security offers features such as: human detection and counting, face detection and recognition, object detection, fire detection and intruder detection.

We can help to track delivery of goods with tracker system integrated to your command center and apps

To increase performance and improve the efficiency in transporting goods and time efficiency, Alfabeta provides IoT technology to monitor couriers and stocks with following features such as tracking system and stock keeping automation

Have a problem with traffic jam in your area? We can help you to control traffic with our solutions

In big cities like Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, we are familiar with the traffic jammed, accident, or illegal parking.

Alfabeta took steps to help solving this problem by providing Smart Vehicle and Traffic Control, with features like vehicle detection and counting, vehicle speed detection, Automated License Plate Recognition (ANPR), traffic violation detection, Lane Detection, and Area Traffic Control System (ATCS)


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