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AI-Powered Logistic Solution

Supply chain, in particular logistic activities are growing rapidly in scale & complexity. Certain sector, such as consumer goods, has been constantly dealing with a lot of pressure to improve its logistic operations, in terms of productivity, effectivity and time & cost-efficiency. Implementing tech-driven solutions will support business sustainability in longer term, by optimizing fixed costs, and cutting down low value-added costs & labor costs.

What is AI-Powered Logistic Solution?

AI-Powered Logistic Solution is an integrated end-to-end solution, developed by Alfabeta, to increase efficiency yet simplify the process in overseeing manufacturing & logistic activities, particularly scheduling & tracking container trucks’ movements, availability, and loads. This solution will enable full automation of logistic processes, with no human interferences.


  • More effective control of logistics activities, by utilizing data & information gathered from the system
  • Transparent procedures & real-time monitoring to ensure even utilization of loading/unloading docks & personnels, while significantly reducing vehicle waiting & processing times
  • Increase sales number & minimize loss opportunity, by ensuring on-shelf availability
  • Operational cost saving, such as man-hours efficiency for manual works, and cost reduction in material damage

Featured Technology

Time Slot Booking System

This feature acts as a scheduling mechanism for the suppliers to determine the schedule of their shipment. Through this feature, the suppliers will be able to see loading dock availability (where and when), and schedule their shipment accordingly

Face Recognition

Suppliers are required to submit a form with a photo of the assigned driver in it, before the shipment. This feature acts as a driver verification tool, to make sure the current driver’s face matches with the one in the submitted form. Once the driver & vehicle arrived at the entrance gate, the driver will have to step out of his vehicle, to have his face scanned.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Suppliers are also required to write down the license plate number of the assigned vehicle in the aforementioned form. This feature acts as a vehicle verification tool, to make sure the current vehicle’s license plate number matches with the one in the form. The system will scan the vehicle’s license plate number.

Both the driver’s face & vehicle’s license plate number must match the ones in the submitted form, in order to be granted access to enter the facility area. Their entry & exit time will be recorded automatically in the time stamp.

Dwelling Time Measurement

Once the driver & vehicle entered the facility, they will head to their destined loading/unloading dock, which had been determined previously through the Time Slot Booking System. As soon as they entered the dock area, this system will automatically begin measuring the time spent for each vehicle to do the loading/unloading process, to ensure the processes’ duration do not overrun the alotted time. The measuring process will automatically end when the vehicle left the dock area.

Sterile Area Detection

Within the facility area, there are some particular areas where no humans or even objects are allowed to be inside. This feature will detect the presence of humans or any objects in those areas, and automatically triggered the warning system, whenever such violation is detected.

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