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Banking Solution

AI-Based ATM Management System 

Competition in the financial sector is getting more intense these days. Financial service providers (particularly banks) can feel the strong urge & pressure within them to improve their service level, customer experience, and operational efficiency in order to compete at high level. The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is one of the most important aspects in the banking sector that had been frequently used by the customers, so that it is necessary to implement an effective, responsive, and real-time ATM management system to ensure the customers’ security (protection from fraud/skimming), and convenience (cleanliness, queuing duration, etc.).

Electronic Know Your Customer (E-KYC)

The Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan or OJK) is actively emphasizing the importance of E-KYC program for customer recognition in the financial sector in order to avoid financial crimes, such as money laundering, the funding of acts of terrorism. The application of E-KYC program is included in the POJK/12/2017 clauses 3 & 4, which states the facial identity verification can be replaced by financial services’ own electronic verification method.

What is Banking Solution ?

AI-Powered Logistic Solution is an integrated banking solution, developed by Alfabeta, to ensure customers’ security & convenience while using the ATM, and to increase efficiency in customer verification process.


  • AI-Based ATM Management System
  • Maintain ATM security as company’s assets
  • Improve customers’ security, loyalty, and satisfaction
  • Maintain good image of the company as a safe & reliable ATM provider
  • Electronic Know Your Customer (E-KYC)
  • Faster client onboarding process & improved customer experience
  • Significant operational costs efficiency
  • Reduce operational risk, such as human errors
  • More eco-friendly system (paperless)

Featured Technology

AI-Based ATM Management System

Skimming Device Detection

This feature will be able to detect presence of RFID-based skimming device installed at the ATM, by using machine learning technology.

Face & Attribute Detection

Every part of a customer’s face must be visible and not covered when he/she is using the ATM. This feature will detect the visibility of his/her face, and if he/she is detected wearing forbidden attributes such as helmet, sunglasses, facemask, or hoodie, the system will automatically display an alert to remind the customer to take off all those forbidden attributes. Customer will not be able to use the ATM until all forbidden attributes are removed.

Object & Safety Violation Detection

This feature will observe the people in the ATM’s surrounding areas and the objects they are carrying. Local alert system will be automatically triggered, whenever a suspicious behavior and/or object are detected by the system. Additionally, this feature will also be able to identify necessary activities, such as regular maintenance and cleaning.

People Counting & Dwelling Time Measurement

This feature will count the number of people queuing outside the ATM and the number of ATM visitors (total, incoming, & outgoing) in real-time. Furthermore, this feature will also be able to analyze every customer’s usage time of the ATM, and expected queuing time by calculating the average duration of both. If a customer is being inside the ATM for too long, the system will send warning alert & notification to central monitoring system.

Low Light Detection

This feature will enable the system to detect human behavior and object in low exposure (dark) condition, with computer vision and infrared technology. This will be much of help in certain cases where the lighting in the ATM is deliberately tampered, or if the ATM is located in low lighting areas, which made it prone to thievery.

Electronic Know Your Customer (E-KYC)

Optical Character Recognition

This feature will automatically recognize the data & photo in a customer’s identification card, and upload it into the respective bank’s database.

Face Recognition with Liveness Detection

 This feature will serve as the facial identity verification procedure, to match the photo in the ID card with the customer’s actual face. The customer will be required to take a selfie and upload it into the system. The resemblance between the selfie & the ID card photo must be at a minimum of 75% in order to be considered a match. Liveness detection had also been added to this feature, to prevent any form of spoofing.

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