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COVID-19 Solution Development

ALFABETA as an Indonesian-based cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence company has taken steps to develop our own AI-powered technology to contribute to the nation-wide efforts in containing the spread of COVID-19 and managing the aftermath.

1) Detection of coronavirus’ presence in lungs through comprehensive smart-image processing technology on CT-scan results

ALFABETA is developing an AI-based automation system to assist medical staff in detecting, but not limited to, the COVID-19 (corona virus) in the lungs. This system will work by analyzing the visual results of CT-scan or X-ray in patients. 

2) Detection of human body temperature in public areas

ALFABETA is developing an AI-based system to be able to detect human body temperature in CCTV images. This can help in early detection of potential COVID-19 in public areas. 

3) Vision-based social distancing solution to help ensure people are practicing social distancing in right way.

ALFABETA is developing a vision-based Social Distancing solution to help ensure people are practicing Social or Physical distancing in enclosed space or public areas.

The solutions include:

  • People Counting in an enclosed space
  • Measure the distance between people for at least 2 meters apart in public areas
  • Detecting if people are wearing mask or not


For further information about these COVID-19 solutions, please feel free to contact us: (021) 2276-8585 / 0817-17-8080-70.

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