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Shape Better Future With Artificial Intelligence & Internet Of Things

400.000++ Active User Per Month

First official partner of Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance (Intel® IoTSA) in Indonesia.

More than 1000 cameras has been implemented with Alfabeta artificial intelligence computer vision

Full of Features

Object Detection, Counting, & Tracking

Detecting presence & movement, and calculating number of any objects located within the camera’s reach

Face Detection & Recognition

Detecting a person’s facial features to liveness detection, recognize his/her gender, age range, and emotional expression

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Detecting a vehicle’s registration number, and automatically records it into user’s database.

Vehicle Detection, Counting, & Tracking

Detecting the type of passing vehicles, calculating their number, and tracking their path

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Recognizing handwritten or typed text/characters, and converting it into editable soft copy

Intruder Detection

Detecting presence of unwanted person in certain area

Open Space Heatmap Generation

Tracking people’s movement by detecting their body heat

AI in Healthcare (in development)

Decision Support System in detecting numerous diseases in human body organs.
What We Offer

ATM Management System

Mining Solution

Logistics Solution

Quality Control Solution

Traffic Management System

Retail Solution

Healthcare Solution

Advanced Engine to Engine

Improve Your Business


According to researches, AI-powered technologies are capable of working faster than average human


Shorter production time, combined with relatively lower cost will make the whole process more efficient


AI-powered systems are capable of generating real-time data, accessible from anywhere, and at anytime

Precision & Accuracy

Highly repetitive tasks can be performed in a more precise & accurate manner, as the incorporation of AI-powered technology will eliminate human error factors

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Unilever Indonesia Partners with Alfabeta in Implementation of Artificial Intelligence



Alfabeta Launches Electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC) Feature for Financial Sector



Logistics Transformation With Automated Yard Management


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