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Unilever Indonesia Partners with Alfabeta in Implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

 PT. Alfabeta Solusi Nusantara (Alfabeta) has officially partnered with PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk. in a project to procure & implement artificial intelligence-based software.

Striving Over New Technology

We also provide products and end-to-end solutions in various industries such as transportation, banking, property, and also government. We focus on our service to increase efficiency and performance of your business using latest technology.

Our team consists of Computer Vision and IoT experts

We are open to any consultancy regarding business automation, because we have the team who are ready for it. Please do not hesitate to reach us for any inquiry!

Key Competitive Advantages

More than adequate resources & expertise to develop a sophisticated computer vision technology & solution

Wide range of technical compatibility, new users will be able to integrate our products with ease

Proven to be able to solve our users’ daily issues

Benefits for users

Increase production output

Create a safe & secured workplace

Improvement in quality

Enhance market competitiveness

Reduce cycle time

Solution to shortage in labor

Reduce manufacturing lead time

Reduce human error factors

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