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Liveness Detection

Spoof-proof Liveness Detection technology, cost will be calculated based on monthly API calls, comes with adjustable tiered pricing model, according to your usage


Alfabeta Liveness Detection is a feature that complements the face recognition technology to determine whether a person’s face is real from the actual person present at the point of capture, or fake from a spoof artifact. It comprises a set of technical features to counter biometric spoofing, where a replica imitating a person’s unique biometrics (photos, videos, or 3D masks, etc.) is presented to the device to deceive or bypass the verification steps.


Improve overall accuracy of the face recognition technology

Increase verification process security level by preventing any forms of spoofing

Provide safe & spoof-proof verification system to increase customers’ trust & loyalty

Suitable for

E-KYC System

Attendance record system

Access control system

Payment authentication system