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Who We Are

Established in April 2018, Alfabeta is an IT company that focuses on providing tailored artificial intelligence solutions (computer vision and internet of things) to our customers. We are committed to developing Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), which can be used by companies in various business sectors (such as manufacturing, traffic management, retail, advertising, building & property management, and banking) and the modern society to resolve their complex issues.


The Founders

Dimas Setyo Utomo

Passionate & hardworking entrepreneur with more than 5 years of working experience in managing software development company, and numerous software development & implementation projects. Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering degree, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Prasetiya Mulya University.

Yuri Ardila

Software Engineer with broad variety of expertises & experience in complex algorithms optimization for computer vision, machine learning, and financial analysis while living in Kyoto, Japan for 10 years. Graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree, both in Computer Science from Ritsumeikan University.

Farizan Firdaus

Seasoned entrepreneur with more than 9 years of experience in managing multiple companies with different business sectors, such as advertising, automotive, and IT. Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering degree, and a Master of Business Administration degree (with concentration in Finance) from Prasetiya Mulya University.


To become the key player and market leader in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry in Indonesia


Short-term (present) :

  • Focusing on computer vision & Internet of Things as our company‚Äôs strengths.
  • Becoming an expert in the AI industry by focusing on providing tailored AI solutions to manufacturing industry.
  • Adopting new technologies for our product & solution through a comprehensive research & development process.
  • Creating a recurring (subscription-based) revenue stream.

Long-term (in 3-5 years) :

  • Conquer another field of industry other than manufacturing, such as advertising, Smart City, and Big Data.
  • Business expansion.
  • Generate new revenue streams or business models, for example by becoming a company that also provides Big Data.

Head Office

Jl. Bangka IX no. 43B. Mampang Prapatan
Jakarta Selatan. 12730.

Email : [email protected]

Phone : (+6221) 2271 8559

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