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Traffic Management System

AI-based traffic management system, provides real-time analysis of vehicle speed, congestion time, vehicle tally, and queue length

Brief Description

Automated AI-based traffic management system to detect traffic condition in real-time by analyzing vehicle speed, congestion time, vehicle tally, and queue length


    More optimal vehicle flow, especially in the intersection area
    Reduce traffic jam possibility in a particular area
    Reduce fuel usage and air pollution caused by traffic jam
    Provide clear & direct pathway in emergency situation

    Featured Technologies

    1. Vehicle Counting & Classification

    • Detect vehicle’s presence in certain roads
    • Automatically count vehicle tally, classify them into several different types, and read their license plate numbers in real-time
    • Vehicle types that can be detected : cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc.​

    2. Stopping Time Measurement

    • Measure average queuing time spent in a particular road in real-time
    • Results from this calculation can be used as one of the references in adjusting the traffic light duration​

    3. Traffic Queue Length Measurement

    • Measure queuing length in a particular road and intersection in real-time
    • Parameters used in measuring the queuing length can be determined according to what considered necessary to cause traffic jam​

    4. Traffic Congestion Density Measurement

    • Automatically measure traffic congestion density in a particular road & intersection in real-time
    • Parameter that can be used in measuring traffic congestion density is ratio between vehicle number and road capacity or queuing length.​

    5. Illegal Parking Detection

    • Combination between vehicle detection & dwelling time measurement technologies to detect illegally-parked vehicle in no-parking zone
    • This feature will be able to detect a stopped or parked vehicle in a particular road, and calculate the parking duration of that vehicle​

    6. Vehicle Speed Detection

    • Automatically detect vehicle’s speed in real-time.
    • These vehicle speed data can be utilized as a reference to analyze traffic condition, and as a mean to detect speed limit violation.
    • Whenever a speed limit violation is detected, the system will send real-time alert/notification to the command center​

    7. Area Traffic Control System

    • Computer vision technology performed the detection & analysis of traffic condition with CCTV camera installed in every intersection
    • Parameters in determining current traffic condition are vehicle tally, traffic congestion density, vehicle dwelling time, etc.
    • Operators will monitor the detection & analysis results of current traffic condition in the command center​
    • Traffic light will acquire some instructions from local controller, installed in every intersection, to automatically adjust its duration, from the command center​
    • Can be integrated with IP speaker as broadcast media from the command center​

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