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Quality Control Solution

Automated inspection system with computer vision technology, to improve accuracy & efficiency in the quality control process of the production line

Brief Description

This solutions works by performing visual analysis on finished goods to see if there is any production defects, with computer vision technology. Some factors that can be set as quality indicator are :

  • Color
  • Shape & dimension conformity
  • Presence of goods flaw, such as scratches, shape deformity, etc



  • Cost saving : Generate higher Return on Investment (RoI) by minimizing waste
  • Error reduction : More well-maintained inspection process
  • Improved accuracy : Higher accuracy & repetition rate compared to conventional method
  • Total efficiency : Available manpower can be assigned to other functions that required more human intervention
  • Data : Gathering real-time data, that can be beneficial for the company to execute more data-driven initiative


How It Works

  1. Inspection camera, with built-in features of computer vision technology performed visual analysis on the finished goods
  2. Warning system will be triggered whenever a defected good is detected
  3. QC – complied goods will be prepared for shipment
  4. Non-complied goods will be separated from the production line

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