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Advision has advanced features that exploits computer vision technology which includes people counting, vehicle counting, face detection, face recognition, gender recognition, age recognition and emotion recognition. Advision is here to boost your Advertising business, by providing the accurate and adequate impression data, and also to precisely target your customer to increase your sales.

Performance measurement tool

  • Count the number of viewers reach
  • Behavior analytic
  • Viewers’ demographic profiling (gender, age range, emotional state)
  • Real-time data processing

Specifically targeted ads

Demographic-based advertisement display

Push Notification

Get notification base on event triger on your digital signage

Advision is one of digital products by Alfabeta Solusi Nusantara. As product development advision will also use technology that uses beacon to collect data of the smartphone that used by visitors. Advision can being combined with Advertising and Retail, because the accuracy of data from Advision is 95 %.

Advision can be useful for Advertising to increase product marketing, to helping adjust content on billboard, and can counted the visitor who through the ad. Also Advision can be useful for Retail Business to increase selling favorite product and spread the information about discount for certain area.


People Counting

Every people who passing through the camera will be detected and counted automatically.

Vehicle Counting

Every vehicles who passing through the camera will be detected and counted automatically.

Face Detection

Face detection is a computer technology being used in a variety of applications that identifies human faces in digital images.

Face Recognition

The process of facial recognition using a camera to get the face of a person compared with the face which  is have been stored in a database.

Gender Recognition

Identification Process gender based on face and posture by using camera.

Age Recognition

Identification Process of people face by using points on a face. This feature can predict age of people from movement between eye and mouth.

Emotion Recognition

This features can predict the emotion (happy, sad, angry, scary, disgusted and shocked) from people face by read the movement around the forhead, eyes, nose and mouth.

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