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Logistics Solution

End-to-end AI-based solution, enabling full automation of logistics processes that covers shipment scheduling, supplier verification, timestamp recording, time keeping, inventory management, and fleet management.

What is Logistic Solution?

AI-Powered Logistic Solution is an integrated end-to-end solution, developed by Alfabeta, to increase efficiency yet simplify the process in overseeing manufacturing & logistic activities, particularly scheduling & tracking container trucks’ movements, availability, and loads. This solution will enable full automation of logistic processes, with no human interferences.


Effective control of inbound & outbound logistics processes
Transparent procedures & real-time monitoring to ensure even utilization of loading docks & personnel
Significantly reduce vehicle wait & processing times
Operational costs saving, such as man-hours efficiency and material damage cost reduction

How It Works

Shipment Scheduling

  • Check loading dock availability (when & where)
  • Determine date, time, and loading dock destination of the shipment
  • Submit driver’s (name & photo ID), and vehicle’s (license plate number) information

Entrance / Exit Gate

  • Driver verification, match the driver’s actual face with the submitted photo
  • Vehicle verification, match the vehicle’s actual license plate number with the submitted one
  • Timestamp recording

Loading Dock

  • Automatically measure every vehicle’s loading/unloading time

    Restricted / Sterile Area

    • Detect the presence of any object/person within the restricted area
    • Automatically trigger the facility’s warning system whenever such violation is detected

      Inventory Management

      • Stock availability monitoring system to avoid inventory shortage
      • Whenever the stock level is approaching the minimum level, the system will send a real-time notification to the person-in-charge

        Overall Equipment Effectiveness

        • Main KPI in quantifying the success rate of the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) program
        • Generate availability and performance index, which will be combined with quality index, when this module is already integrated to an SAP/ERP-based production planning system

        Fleet Management

        • Fuel consumption monitoring system
        • Calculate & determine most efficient route based on fuel consumption & predicted maintenance cost
        • Track & locate every vehicle’s movement & location with GPS tracking unit

        Key Featured Technology

        Time Slot Booking System

        Face Recognition

        Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

        Dwelling Measurement

        Object & People Detection

        Intruder Detection

        People Counting

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