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FaceAir by Alfabeta

Drone Face Recognition System

FaceAir by Alfabeta

Drone Face Recognition System

Our advanced Face Recognition System integrated with drones allows for real-time identification and tracking of individuals from the air. Ideal for various applications, including surveillance, search and rescue, and security.


1. Real-time Face Detection

The system uses cutting-edge technology to identify and locate faces in real time, even in complex environments.

2. High Precision

Our face recognition algorithms ensure accurate and reliable identification, minimizing false positives.

3. Multiple Faces Detection Capable of detecting and tracking multiple faces simultaneously.

4. Drone Integration

Seamlessly integrated into drones for aerial surveillance and monitoring.

5. Customizable Alerting

Users can set up custom alerts based on recognized faces, enhancing security protocols.

6. Data Logging

All face recognition data is logged and timestamped for analysis and record-keeping.

Technical Specifications:


RTSP protocol, USB or any protocol streaming.


Utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms.

Operating Range

Effective face recognition at various altitudes and distances as long face attribut can be recognize.

API Integration

API available for customization and integration.


1. Security and SurveillanceĀ 

Enhance security measures by identifying individuals of interest from the air.

2. Search and Rescue

Locate and track missing persons more effectively.

3. Agriculture

Monitor crop health and assess land conditions.

4. Environmental Monitoring

Survey and monitor wildlife and natural resources.

Compliance and Data Privacy:

The system complies with data privacy regulations and allows users to configure data retention policies.